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Revisiting Fatherhood

After loosing their son 16 years back Satish Kaushik and his wife have been blessed with a baby girl last month.

16 years after he tragically lost his son Shamu. 56 year old actor and director satish kaushik is a father again, the baby girl name vanshika was born on july 15 to surrogacy.

To mirror, a jubilant Satish said, "by god grace my wife shashi and i have been blessed with a daughter it is the end of a long and painful wait for a child. it is a matter of unimaginable joy especially for my wife who had her heart sat on another child ever since lost our only son shamu when he was just two hear old.

For Satish he has rediscovered fatherhood after 16 years ever since Vanshika came last month my wife and i have become like first time pregnant enjoying every moment of our baby feeding her, changing her diapers.

And for this miracle satish wants to thank Dr. Hrishikesh Pai.

he is not just 1 of the best IVF (In Vitro Fertilization Doctor in world but also a close friend. And i think him for urging me and my wife to take IVF route to Parenthood.

We were unfortunate i having lost our only child. our world had come crushing down but thank to wold of medical miracle we've become parents again at an age when parenthood is considered impossible saud satist.

Enjoying fatherhood SATISH has put all work on hold. art the moments Shahi cant think of anything beyond our baby.

Our close friend and family were aware us going to surrogate that vanshika has arrived we are happy to tell everyone about her said the happy daddy.

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