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Better Freeze Embryos than Eggs, Say Docs

Even thawing the frozen embryo is a near-instant process. “Best of all, the vitrification process allows you almost 100% recovery chances. So if a couple has frozen ten good embryos. They can thaw all the 10”, said Pai. This superior freezing method has been adding to better pregnancy rates, he adds. “Best of all as doctors are reassured about the quality of the embryo, we can transfer fewer embryos and thus cut down on multiple pregnancies,” added Pai.

There have always been ethical issues associated with infertility treatment. In the US, the 20-year old embryo turning a bouncy baby has generated debate about the generated gap between children born from the same batch of frozen embryos. British scientists have been wondering about “inter-generational donation after the british authorities last year raised the period for which embryos can be kept in cryopreservation to 55 years.

Activists have also voiced concern about the ownership of embryos. :Issues such as ownership of the embryos once their parents break or also have to be considered said by plashetkar, of late, embryo adoption has become a favourite in west – couples donate them to other childless couples undergoing IVF treatment without success.

In India, Some doctors feel that embryo preservation may be better than freezing eggs. “Freezing eggs is still not a perfect technology. so,l instead of asking a woman o preserve her eggs. If is simpler to get couples to freeze their embryos” said a doctor.

Malpani Feels embryo freezing has three main advantag.”Firstly, it reduces the physical burden on woman as they don’t have to undergo injections, egg retrievels. etc Secondly, it Is less stressful emotionally. Lastly, it is much cheaper than undergoing an entire IVF Cycle, whicvh costs Rs 1 to 1.5 lakh.

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