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  • 1991: Started IVF and semen bank in Pearl Centre, Dadar.
  • 1996: Started ICSI for males with low sperm count.
  • 1998: Introduced assisted Laser hatching (first in India) and blastocyst culture for improving pregnancy rates Started the Lilavati Hospital Unit
  • 2001: Achieved birth in a 61 year old mother with help of gamete donation,oldest patient in india
  • 2004: Achieved birth by combining Egg donation + Surrogacy ie child with 3 mothers
  • 2005: Introduced Spindle view technology to increase ICSI pregnancy rates. – First in india
  • 2006: Started oocyte Bank & introduced oocyte freezing by vitrification – first in india
  • 2007: Ovarian tissue freezing for young women undergoing Chemo/radiation – first in India
  • 2008: First in India to introduce Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI)
  • 2009: Introduced INVO – first in India. In Vivo Vaginal Culture.
  • 2010: Introduced IVM

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